White Heart Tattoo Collective

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At White Heart Tattoo Collective we provide you with breathtaking custom tattoos, which will encompass all your ideas to make sure you’re leaving us with your perfect tattoo!

We cover every style between our artists from small tattoos, fine line lettering, cover-ups, traditional, Japanese, realism and much more. 

We also offer laser tattoo removal, so if you have an unwanted tattoo that you would like to get rid of or fade down, to broaden your options for cover ups, then pop in and book a patch test today!

So whether you are after a new tattoo, laser tattoo removal or some tattoo after care, feel free to pop in and see the team!


Removal Skills

Unwanted tattoos can be removed gradually over a series of sessions using our laser machine.

Whether you want to get rid of part of a tattoo, a whole tattoo, or simply fade one down to get a cover up instead, we can help!

Everybody and every tattoo is different in terms of the number of sessions potentially required to remove a tattoo, we need you to pop in for a consultation and a patch test first. This makes sure you are eligible for tattoo removal, we assess your skin type and go through what is involved in getting laser.We then do three small test patches on your tattoo. After this you return after two weeks, we check the results and can then begin the treatment. We will be able to give you a more accurate idea of the number of sessions required after your patch test. The sessions usually take take about 10-30 minutes, depending on the size of the tattoo.

The tattoo should become progressively lighter with each treatment, check out the laser page for some photos of examples of our previous clients!



We have tattoo aftercare cream  available to purchase in the shop. We’ll always go through full tattoo aftercare before you leave the shop, but in case you forget theres some reminders below…

  • After 2-3 hours, remove the cling film and gently wash with kitchen roll, warm water and mild soap. Tap dry with a clean piece of kitchen roll, and apply a thin layer of Yayo after care cream, then re wrap with cling film.
  • Clean the tattoo like this 3-4 times a day for the next 2 days, continuing to wrap the tattoo to keep it clean and stop any scabbing
  • once you have stopped wrapping your tattoo, keep moisturising it for the next couple of weeks
  • Stay out of sunlight and tanning booths until the tattoo is healed, at least 10-14 days
  • Do not soak your tattoo in the bath or go swimming while your new tattoo is healing. Showers are fine
  • Do not rub or pick the treated area while it is healing. Loss of colour and/or infection could occur.
  • Extreme sun and exposure over the years can and will fade your tattoo. This can be minimised by using a strong sunscreen, at least SP50.
  • Your tattoo should completely heal in 6-8 weeks. Should you have any problems or questions call The Studio